This is an example of a 3D object before and after reduction using Polygon Reducer. The reduction process greatly reduced the number of triangle faces, the rendered quality of the model is still very good. Polygon reducer reduces high poly models as well as low poly models. For example Lamborgini object.

High poly models

reduced object
Figure 1: original model, 16.000 polygons (download)
reduced object
Figure 2: reduced model, 8.000 polygons (50%) (download)
reduced object
Figure 3: original model, 4.500 polygons (30%) (download)
reduced object
Figure 4: original model, 3.000 polygons (20%) (download)
./reducer.exe -i data/Lambo/lamborgini.3ds -o data/Lambo/lamborgini-50.3ds -q 50 -a EDGEANGLES
./reducer.exe -i data/Lambo/lamborgini.3ds -o data/Lambo/lamborgini-30.3ds -q 30 -a EDGEANGLES
./reducer.exe -i data/Lambo/lamborgini.3ds -o data/Lambo/lamborgini-20.3ds -q 20 -a EDGEANGLES

Medium poly models

Low-poly models

Many images of reduced models
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