Part 1: Introduction to polygon reduction

Computer Graphics is the field of informatics, which uses computer technology to create artificial images (called rendering). This field can be divided into several areas: 3D rendering in real time (often used in computer games), computer animation, video editing special effects (often used in film and television), editing images and modeling.

The graphics applications, such as flight simulator computer game, is often a need to display various objects. They are usually created in a graphic program (3D Studio MAX, Blender, Cinema 4D, Rhinoceros, ..), or may be acquired, for example, by the 3D Scanner. These objects are often very detailed and contains a large number of redundant information, for example when graphic designer creates a model using NURBS surfaces, and the result automatically exported to a triangular network. In view of such objects or scenes consisting of tens or hundreds of objects, encountered the problem of the fact that these objects can not be displayed in real time (when the number of frames displayed per second). Efficient computer is not a solution because it is in most applications just need to see more objects than its performance handle. It was developed several algorithms to this problem that such an object appears in the lower level of detail. Or generate such a level of detail of the building, which will better use your computer's performance. The main objective of this project is to create an application that can reduce the amount of geometric primitives, which is composed object.

The views of 3D scenes

Display objects in 3D space is quite computationally intensive, it is appropriate to use some already existing interface. Extended are now DirectX and OpenGL. Both have become standard interfaces, support and features the latest graphics cards. The two are in the majority of today's computer hardware accelerated and therefore very fast. And I used to view the scene of the Open Inventor, who works as a layer of OpenGL and simplifies its control. The main reason for this choice was that OpenGL well known, unlike competitive DirectX, and it required a former project manager, Mr Ing. Jan Pe?iva. The program was created for the operating system GNU / Linux, but thanks to multi-platformním libraries can be translated and used in other systems.

The representation of the object as triangular network

The most frequently in computer graphics to objects regarded as a list of triangles, which indicate the building envelope. These triangles are joined together in points and form a triangular irregular network. Triangular network is most apparent when you receive the wire model of the object (ie, when they see only the edge of the triangles as a segment). Simplification models lies in the simplification of the triangular network so that the resulting object in the least different from the original.

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