Polygon reducer

Purpose of polygon reducer

The purpose of this application is to reduce number of polygons from 3d models while retaining its original appearance. This polygon reducer is the easiest way to make your game faster than ever. Polygon Reducer uses 3DS file format for model loading and saving.

Object simplification

It is not possible to display all models in scene in full detail, because their rendering takes too much gpu time. Detailed view requires a quality model, but far objects may use much lower level of detail. It is expensive to create objects with lower detail by hand. Simplified object may create:

Graphic designer – hard work, designer has more important and interesting work. Advantage of such simplification is that only a graphic designer knows, which parts of object are important and needs more detail.

Independent application – It is necessary to select only an algorithm and a quality, and then verify a simplified object. It is also possible to simplify many models by script to save time and money.

Polygon reducer presentation slides

For more information see polygon reducer presentation slides

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Key features

  • Direct support for 3ds file format.
  • Easy to use command line interface for batch conversion.
  • Polygon Reducer is distributed electronically. No waiting for boxed CD.
  • Very good results when creating low-poly models for games.
  • Available three reduction algorithms, User can choose best restult of them.
  • MS Windows & GNU/Linux support.
  • Demo version available.

How to reduce model

Settings of all features is done by command line parameters. This way is useful for batch processing of many models at a time by script.

-i  - Input file
-o  - Output file
-q  - quality settings [0-100]
-a  - algorithm settings [EDGEANGLES | EDGESIZE | QUADRICS]
-b - Preserve borders of object
-j - Preserve borders between materials
...and others(see parameter --help)?

Few examples of reduction

# Reduces 70% of polygons using default algorithm
./reducer.exe -i input.3ds -o output.3ds -q 30

# Reduces 90% of polygons using error quadrics
./reducer.exe -i input.3ds -o output.3ds -q 10 -a QUADRICS

# Reduces 50% of polygons using edge size metric
./reducer.exe -i input.3ds -o output.3ds -q 50 -a EDGESIZE

# Reduces 95% of polygons using Game Developer's Magazine metric
./reducer.exe -i input.3ds -o output.3ds -q 5 -a EDGEANGLES

# Reduces 95% of polygons using Game Developer's Magazine metric
# Also preserve borders between materials on neighbouring faces
./reducer.exe -i input.3ds -o output.3ds -q 5 -a EDGEANGLES -j

Measuring an error

Program Metro is commonly used in computer graphcis....

About algorithms

This is page about polygon reducer. It contan description, features, keywords, references, academic works..

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